• 2013: International ‘Future Guitar Legend’, sponsored by Eastman Guitars. Matt took the stage with John Pisano in Los Angeles
  • 2010: Blue Noize blues guitar competition.
  • 2009: Best Newcomer for MC3 Organ Trio, at The Cheltenham Jazz Festival Budvar Brewed Awards


  • All ages
  • Beginners to advanced
  • Any style - rock, jazz, punk folk, blues, latin
  • Based in Hither Green, SE London, or in your own home nearby
  • Rock School Guitar Grade syllabus
  • CRB checked, Matt teaches regularly in schools


£15 (20 mins) / £20(30 mins) / £40 (60 mins)


Mob: 0773 926 1289

Email: mattchan@hotmail.co.uk

Skype lessons available: 1x30min session £15. 1 x 60 min session £20
All lessons include provision of written material and other online resources

Free Downloads

G Harmonic Minor Idea A melodic line from the G Harmonic Minor Scale and a brief summary of the chords it works on. 53.1 KB